With an increasing exposure to online content and an interest in lifestyle trends, the modern client is driven by a desire to have their homes match their evolving tastes that are influenced by the latest fashions and styles.

Today’s customers want flexibility, they want to be spoilt for choice and they also want style and quality at an affordable price. FinDoors makes this possible with a range of moulded door skins that transform ordinary doors into stylish entrances. They require no varnish, no sealer or paint and they are 100% maintenance free.


All FinDoors are manufactured to the highest quality level. We only use top quality materials in our manufacturing process thereby ensuring that every FinDoors you take home adheres to international best practice for quality control.

FinDoors has a proud tradition of providing the trade with a product that satisfies these demands with a wide range of moulded door skins with trendy designs and finishes. Our skins are expertly applied to hardboard and medium density fibreboards by our preferred manufacturers, and require little to no maintenance.


FinDoors are completed products that are 100% maintenance free and only need to be attached to a home. They’re stylish, quality products that are value for money.

FinDoors has carefully curated each of its skins – according to colour, pattern, and design – presenting distinctive styles that completes the décor and layout of any room.